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My old Farscape fic is being migrated over to LJ for tagging purposes. Sorry if you've read it before! But feel free to read it if you haven't!


Title: When Johnny Strikes Up The Band
Words: 729
Rating: Mostly harmless
Set: Towards the end of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Spoilers: For PKW in the vaguest sort of way – to be honest if you don't know what happened with John and the wormhole then this will make no sense. Of course, it may make no sense anyway.
Disclaimer: Farscape does not belong to me.

Notes: This was written for the FarscapeFriday song title challenge to use a Warran Zevon song for the title of a fic. Of course, in a very non-predictable way, I use the one with Johnny in it. Me, obsessed? Naaahhhhhh......hee.

More notes: When I came back to this and re-read, it bits of it niggled at me. Nothing horrendously major, but enough to make me want to tweak it. So I went ahead and did it. Just moving some words about, changing a few others. I don't think I made it worse, anyway!

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Back in the day, I posted whatever Farscape fic I'd written to the Kansas forum (and transferred subsequently to TerraFirma). I've decided to migrate it over to LiveJournal and tag it, in an attempt to get all my fanfic in one place (not that I wrote much)! This will happen slowly, when I'm in the mood, lol. It's possible that one or two of my lovely flist will have seen them before, thusly, aplologies in advance for the repetition.

Title: Loss of Innocents
Fandom: Farscape
Rating: G
Words: 550
Setting: Roundabout the end of Season 2.
Disclaimer: Always theirs, never mine.
Date originally posted at Kansas forum: 6th April 2004
Summary: John Crichton is lost. In thought, perhaps, or memories. Or other places.

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Title: Riding Roller Coasters for a Living
Author: elliejane
Fandoms: Farscape/Torchwood
Characters: John Crichton, Torchwood team
Rating: G
Word Count: 10,400 approx
Written for: Multiverse 2009
Notes: This fic is a tad AU. Set at the beginning of the Natural Election epsidode in Season 4 of Farscape. In the actual episode a wormhole opens, and plant-based hijinks ensue. In the fic, the wormhole opens and other hijinks entirely ensue. The Torchwood part takes place in Season 2 before the events of Reset.
Summary: An American scientist shouldn't be running around Cardiff wearing leather, holding a nice piece of alien technology.

AN: Apologies for the lateness of this fic. It was due on the 13th, but due to real life, I couldn't post it then.

AN2: Since posting this I found a couple of typos and inconsistencies, which I have tweaked. Nothing substantial has changed, though.

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Hey there, Farscape Holiday Drabble Exchange fic to follow! I was writing for Shunda (sugargroupie), and the prompt was "Aeryn, (big) D'Argo, stocking." 

I had two or three ideas for this, and in the end couldn't choose, so I wrote them all. Plus a little bit of a longer one which is like a prequel to one of the drabbles. Oh, and another one which busted through the word limit.

(Also, apologies. I may have mucked up the formatting on this post.)

Title: What He Wants For Christmas 
Setting/Spoilers: Early years (probably Season One)/No spoilers
Rating: All welcome Disclaimer : Theirs, not mine. 

Title: Naughty or Nice – The Prequel
Setting/Spoilers: Season Two...maybe?? Shrugs helplessly./No spoilers
Rating: All welcome
Disclaimer : Theirs, not mine. 

Title: Naughty or Nice (the actual drabble)
Setting/Spoilers: Season Two...maybe?? Shrugs helplessly./No spoilers
Rating: All welcome
Disclaimer : Theirs, not mine. 

Title: The Holly and the Ivy (don't grow out here).

Setting/Spoilers: Season One...maybe?? Shrugs helplessly again/No spoilers.
Rating: All welcome
Disclaimer: Theirs, not mine.
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For Agent Rouka - who wanted Aeryn and puppy doggy fic. This probably isn't really what she was after!. Oh not betaed at all, so be warned...::frowns at unwary readers::..but this is for AR, who waived all rights, hee.

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Edited to say: I've just got up and I'm jazzed to find folks don't think this is a piece of dren! I've also reread what I said as an intro to the fic, and boy, does it sound like I'm saying "Don't say one word against this fic, or I shall cry!" I didn't mean it that way, honest!

I had kind of qualified the statement in Agent Rouka's LJ by saying that 'be warned, n0t betaed, yadda yadda, and I would leave it to others to tell me if things needed changing'. And I should have duplicated that here, because I DO appreiciate constructive criticism and pointers etc etc. Starsy gave me an instance of one line which took her slightly out of the narrative flow, and it's a good thing to have such feedback, where you can see things which you hadn't realised might jar for other people. Ahem. Of course simple comments of "OOh! Shiny!" are also welcome ;)
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I have decided to try and start cross posting any fic I write on FarscapeFriday to my journal also. It occured to me that not all my friends list would go to FF but some of them are still interested in writing. And hey, what's a little self promotion between friends, hee.


Just sneaking in under the wire with the Mail Order Bride Challenge.

Title: The Choice
Number of Words: 400
Pairing: John and Aeryn
Rating: Pg for language
Usual disclaimer of 'Theirs, not mine'.
Un-betaed so sorry for typos, etc, etc.

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Whhee Hee...Evil!John finally posted at Kansas!!! Please go read if you feel so inclined. I am thoughtfully providing a link ;)

Click here for Evil!John

The fic is actually archived on my Teasing Reality site which I put up for the sake of keeping all my Evil!John series easily accessible and in one place. You can access the fic directly here but if you do feel like giving feedback could you maybe pretty please with a cherry on top leave some at Kansas (link also given at end of the fic) as well as any comments here. This is purely mercenary on my part to keep the fic up there and noticeable for as long as poss!! And so that it looks like more than two people have read it!

Thanks to those two people!! To Stars for betaing so wonderfully :) ((((Stars)))
And Agent Rouka for merciless lyrical prodding. Gotta love a girl who prods in rhyme! Or haiku, even. An example - because I think I threatened to one day, and because these are too good to keep to myself... heheh

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This is Agent Rouka's fault.

I was all set to write Evil!JOhn and she goes and sets my mind whirring on something else.(Of course this could be an avoidance tactic on my part, but I don't think so, because I've been writing quite a bit this week).
But anyway - she wrote a list of things she'd like to see on Farscape and one was John and Aeryn's child, grown up and totally non heroic or anything, no wild past, just being ordinary. (well, that was kinda what she said - she said more but heck I didn't cut and paste!)

So here is a ficlet, where nothing much happens... hehe. Not sure if it has much merit but oh well. Hey it's not long, read it anyway ;) Not betaed or anything, wrote it quick, so sorries in advance for any typos or inconsistancies.

I think I'm stealing the title from somewhere, don't ask me where, haven't a clue.

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