Apr. 30th, 2005

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Just a sleepy post before bedtime! I went to Collectormania 7 today, and met up with a handful of my lovely Scaper buds! ((((hugs and waves))) Too tired to put your names in lj user tags, hey, you guys know who you are anyways ;) It was GREAT to see you again!

I had a lovely time wandering in and out of dealer aisles, listening to Sean Astin be wacky on the PA system, trying to catch a glimpse of most of the guests, and totally missing others. Michael Shanks and Chris Judge cancelled, which was a shame as I would have got their autos - still, saved me some money anyway. Corin Nemec's hair was sane this year, thank goodness, but I had his auto from the year before last and hey, the hair just traumatised me last year, hee.

Various Harry Potter lads were their looking freakily like normal kids. ALso there (and I find this ironic) were Jamie Bamber and Katie Sackoff (sp?).

Ironic, you ask? Why so, you ask? Well, I've been dragging my heels over getting the Battlestar Galactica mini partly because I'm working my way through Firefly. Thing is, this afternoon I hadn't seen any BSG and thus couldn't be described as the least bit fangirlish.. So I didn't really WANT Jamie and Katie's autos...whilst I guess it would be nice to say hey, look I have them, I want to be excited if I ever get them! And that wouldn't have been this afternoon.

So far I am probably 3/4 the way through the mini. I have a headache!! And I am liking it! (BSG not the headache!). I have forgiven them Starbuck's gender, because just as you can say that Farscape wasn't your father's sci fi, the modern BSG isn't your father's sci fi either! And my psyche seems to have accepted that!

Katie Sackoff look lovely, striking with a wide smile :) Jamie looked "normal blokeish"...that is to say I hadn't bonded with him as a character yet. If I ever bond so much that I start drooling, then maybe I WILL wish I'd got the autos, lol.

Looking for Firefly merch I suddenly reaslise THERE ISN'T ANY!!! Well, not much. I found a few photos, some were screen caps. There were a couple of big signed photos but I couldn't really justify geting them even though Mal look delicious (ooooh, yes...I have bonded with Mal ;) ). But of course the series hadn't built up enough steam to get really merched up. Still, I put my name down on a mailing list for info on Serenity previews/info/stuff. I'm talking Firefly up if ever any one mentions it and sometimes when they don't.

Hmmm, oh, and we got given free badges and tee shirts for something called Night Watch? Apparently a sci fi film.

Right am going to bed as am very sleepy now! To my beautiful UK Scaper mates have fun and don't get hangovers ;) Oh, btw - I am currently bidding on ebay for the Peacekeeper Wars sub set ;) But there are some *buy it now* options that are still cheaper than dealers. Yeah yeah, I know I said I was gonna wait so I had something to look for next time but I just couldn't resist!

Night all!


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