Oct. 6th, 2013

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I used to write, if not a lot of fan fic, at least some. Some fic is posted in my journal here, some was posted to Kansas/Terra Firma. At least a couple of things have fallen off the grid entirely. At one point, I thought I'd try and get everything posted here at LJ, but hey ho, I never really followed through.

So, the new intent is to post some stuff to Archive of our Own. I read fic on there now and again, and I like the idea of a central archive. Of course, having all your eggs in one basket and one basket only, may or may not be wise, but at the moment my eggs are all over the place, anyway. Scrambled, one might say ;)

Once again, whether I follow this on through is another matter. Whether it matters at all, is another matter, as well. But for now, you can find me and the single solitary Torchwood fic I've just re/uploaded, on AOOO, user name elliejane.

elliejane: storyteller girl (drug of choice)
A question for someone on the flist...

A little while ago, someone posted a link to a vid that I want watch again. The thing is I can't remember who posted it or why. Helpful, huh?

It was to the song, "Radioactive", and it was depicting a possibly post-apocalytic scenario related to a specific creative work. It might have been ficwriter1966 who posted it about Silo, or it might have been Minxy who posted it about Nightvale. It might have been someone/something else altogether, but those two are the ones it ffffeeeels like it could have been. But if anyone recognises anything, could you point me in the right direction? ::bats eyelases::

I swear I used to have something that passed for a memory, but yeah...


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