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A sort of follow up to my last post, which was the seahorse bookmark. I mentioned at the end of it that I was thinking of cupcakes, and lo, we have a cupcake book mark!
cupcakes bookmark

The same procedure was followed as for the seahorse. In fact, so much so, that I'm just going to practically copy paste that paragraph, lol:

The original drawing was scanned in to the pc, then printed out onto heavyweight paper, and laminated with 250micron matt laminate. Then, I hand cut the laminate around the image, and threaded some ribbon and beads through a punched hole at the top. Although, I may swap and change about the ribbons (I bought several colours in satin and gauze to experiment with). I have used two lengths of satin and one the gauze, here. EIther the combined weight is too thick, or the holes in these beads are smaller, because it took me ages to thread the beads onto the ribbon. The seahorse had two gauze and one satin and I'm sure it was easier!

Anyway, the result is a bookmark which is approx. 12 or 13 cms in length, the same sort of length as the seahorse.

Once again, I'm not sure the drawing comes across here terribly well (keep clicking through till you get to a slightly bigger version), as it was a quick photo. It's done with Faber Castell pencils, and I actually do like it in real life, lol! And, although, I'm not sure you get cupcakes piled on top if one another in reality, I just liked the idea of it!

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