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So, my lifeline to the outside world, my surfing enabler, my pixel pushing, fic fetching laptop is no more.

It is (to cut a long story short) an ex-parrot.

MY LAPTOP DIEDED!!!!! Excuse me while I go woe for a bit.


I am using my Dad's (bless him) for the moment.

Does anyone out there on my flist, have any recommendations?

I don't play video games, but I do use Photoshop. I occasionally watch an episode of tv ( on BBC iplayer and such) or watch vids on You Tube. I have the tendency of keeping lots of browser windows open at once. Also, a tendency to have several different programs open at once (e.g. Photoshop and Dreamweaver).

My basic thought is to have something which has a duel-core processor (read somewhere that this is better?), 250-500gb hard drive, 15.6" screen (or more), dvd re-writer, Windows 7 (not Vista, and Windows 7 seems to be what's on all the screens at the moment), decent amount of RAM (not sure how much that would be, though),  wireless but able to connect to the net via my current external modem with USB.....nothing utterly spectacular but something reliable and some decent power.

I am also wondering about repairability. The laptop that just died was an HP Pavillion, and although the repair chappy opened the back up and did various things, he said he deduced the processor had failed but was unable to access that bit of the kit because of the way the casing was constructed. He suggest Sony as being more accessible in this respect.

Does anyone have any thoughts??I already have an old Mac Book (which doesn't connect with the internet with my current set up) but I need a pc based machine for all my pc based programs.

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