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So, anyway. Not sure if this is going to be terribly eloquent. However, it is going to be a small account of the trip. You know THE trip. Ahem. This is a very rambly account. Not everything is in the right order. Most things are very blurry and I'm just covering the main things I remember. There was LOTS of other wonderful stuff that went on, and folks we met but this is as organised as I get.

We left the UK. LOL. Ok, so back up a litle - I go to the Thistle more on time than last year. Us three girls squeed and got overexcited and looked at pretty Ben/JOhn/Angel orientated things. (For those not in the know, Angel does NOT refer to David Boreanaz(sp)but to our select group of Crichton's Angels, ready to defend our man against all odds and with a LOT of vigour. PASSIONATE about our job are we. Heh. WIth any luck an Angel fic she come out of this at some point!).

So, anyway. The thre of us girls (Angie, Linda and I) get to Heathrow and meet up with Adam. I have my first loss induced panic of the trip thinking I'd left one of Ben's pressies in the hotel room. Losing things was to become a theme for me. I often found them again, but it happened ALOT. (Turned out I hadn't left the pressie behind - but ARGH such panic!). We got time to browse for duty free I think, and we met up with David on the plane, where he'd maneauvred himself into a seat in front of us. Flight went fine this time, we landed on scheduale to be picked up by Angie and toted heroically to Burbank. Room checked into ok, hurrah.

Other themes of the week in LA were shopping, books/shops, squishy!,quoting the squishy line from Finding Nemo, putting up the shrine and loving it (in a very respectful and sensible way). Shrine induced stupor. Very exhausting. The squishy motif came from Claire's Accesories and the amazing bits of squishable latex they sold. (NO not anything suspect, we are talking colourful stretchy toys...ok. Forget it. Go look for yourself.)

On Monday we went to UNIVERSAL with the boys and I had my eyes shut on the Mummy ride. Nora came shopping with us another day, yay, and we saw the Incredibles at the Burbank mall. (Squishy all over again - Elastogirl had to be made of the same stuff!). I discovered the joys of Smoothies, made with weird non-yogurt-tasting yogurty stuff, and strawberries and yuuuumm. And we went for dinner at an excellent quality pizza/pasta place near the mall.

Later in the week we met up with lovely folks, Angie again, Tina, Nora again, Lisa, Elle and folks who's names escape me because I'm terrible like that. As well as losing things I lose names, and sometimes faces too...sigh. Drove to Santa Monica and to Malibu were we sat and watched the sunset and got all excited about it and took lots of photos of it. Oh, no, I haven't seen a sunset before, why would you ask? LOL. The joys of having a new digital cam that scares me and being able to take pics from out the window without having to stick me head out of it.

Oh and the CON.

We were conscious this year, yes we were, though Angie (Brit not LA) had the misfortune to come down with a cold. Nooo! (((Hugs Angie))). The con is a blur of people, and folks on stage and Benial. (That's like denial, but where we fool ourselves we're not getting into a lather about seeing Ben). We hung out with Dani Moure a lot and his cohorts, Mary and Cyn, and Julie and we had pizza and other foodstuff in their room one night before Anth's band was on I think. The band was great, and me and Linda ended up going down to the front to bounce about with the other folks there. There was lots of good gig goodness going on. Think I spotted Maayan, Sabine and Ricky at one point, and yes, I remember that at one point Dani was dancing with Sab somewhere in my locale.

During the weekend, we made it down to the bar twice (hurrah) and surprised Dani who I think thought we wouldn't. Contrary to the evidence of last year I LIKE bars! There were LOTS of people there - oh, am just having a flash back to TBZF shouting "F--- Man UUUUUUUUUUUU* very loudy and very amusingly, very often (ref to Manchester United)! Gotta love her, specially since she has been in on our Angel vibe from the start. Meet Bosley! :)

The guests on stage are still a bit of a blur too, I have to rely on other folks con reports to actaully remember what went on! We had Ricky at first, then Brian I think, who atcually sounds a bit like Kermit.(ok I can't recall the order of folks or anything!! EEp! Go and find some con reports that actually tell you something about the con!!!).

Rockne was great on stage too - either he or Brian decide to talk a bit generally before having questions, and then realsie they had talked the whole time and had virtually not time for q's! Which was fine by me, as he'd talked about the things I wanted to know anyway :). ROckne also did impromtu autos for free on the SUnday and I RAN RAN RAN (I never run!) to get my PKW script for him to sign. He was only doing an hour and it was first come first served. So nice of him! The signed merged with Ben and Claudia's talk, but I got to the front, gabbled inanely for a couple of seconds (trying to say thanks for signing, but he couldn't hear me at first cause of the clapping for B & C!)

Snuck back into my seat for Ben and Claudia and they were WONDERFUL. Claudia seems to totally realise most of us think BEn is HOT and kept trying to trick him into bending of for some gratuitous ass shots...heh. At one point she dropping a piece of paper by accident and immediatly stretched out ther hand and looked back at Ben with and eager/innocent look on her face! Priceless! I'd have loved a pick of that, but it may have been to spontaneous to catch.

There was lots of jesting about Ben v Michael Shanks! No idea what her reply was but CB did get asked who was the best kisser. I swear Ben BLUSHES big time. Number of times I've seens photos of him looking rueful or with his head in his hands...poor put upon man!

CB had to go to the loo (Ladies/restroom) at one point and maybe to get his own back Ben immediately said "Ok, what can we do for when she gets back??" It took us a moment to catch on that he wanted to play a prank :) Then he said "Ok, when she comes back out we'll all make like we're leaving."

And we did! She comes back, and Ben's out of his seat off to the side, and we're all getting up, shuffling to the aisles and everything. Before everyone just breaks down giggling! CB gets HER own back when Ben goes for a bathroom break, and she puts the mic on the floor so he has to do that bending over thing again, then she mentions it would be funny to get Michael Shanks sitting in Ben's seat, wouldn't it. So a bright spark runs out and gets a photo from the dealer tables of Mr Shanks and it gets propped in the chair! Just a beautiful thing, when Ben gets back, his reaction, poor hen pecked baby...I LOVE THAT MAN!

Other guests? Gigi, David Franklin, Fran, Wayne, Anth, Claire (?)(Princess Katralla), Bianca....
They were all good, wonderful funny people. And yes, I can recall bits and pieces but not enough to write a report on. So I focused on more Browdery aspects, what can I say? "I'm sorry!!" The weekend was wonderful...all the guests added their own special wonderfulness. Princess K was only on stage for what, 20mins? but she was still a joy..

Ok, I'm taking a break!!! Be back in another post! And the San Francisco part of the trip will probably be on another day...but btw SAN FRANCISCO is fantastic! Go!

Date: 2004-12-11 09:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mesascaper.livejournal.com
Hee, it was wonderful seeing you guys again ! and you didn't even have to make any unscheduled side trips to San Diego....
sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures in San Francisco. I love that city *g*


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