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Title: The Places I Stopped on the Way to Salvation
Author: elliejane
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 8,600 approx
Summary: Torchwood's Children of Earth let me sniffling and shaking my fist dramatically. Sometimes the only way to fix things, is to write fic.
Spoilers: For Children of Earth.
Notes: Stargate Atlantis' Pegasus galaxy is referenced. If you follow SGA you'll recognise how it's used; if you don't, that doesn't matter - it'll still make sense in the fic. SimplyStars was an superstar and did beta/read through/audience duty from her sick bed. Any mistakes left are my own silly fault. Feedback welcome!
Disclaimer: Torchwood and any associated characters belong to the BBC, not me. SG:A belongs to someone who is not me, either. Any original characters are mine, however, hurrah! No profit is made from this story.

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This is kind of a test post, as I don't know if I can keep up two journals at once. I'm a very sparse poster over at LJ, as it is! That being said I like the idea of having my toes in the water over here at DW, so we'll see.

I'm going to see if I can ferret out the folks I have on my other flist, over here. Thusly, if you get a seemingly random add to my reading page, chances are I know you from LJ. Of course, you may not know me! There is no obligation to friend me back, anyway!
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Quick question for the flist. You may or may not have any info on this, but worth a try anyway, I thought.

I'm tossing around the idea of getting myself a website. This wouldn't be for fic (tempting idea though that is) but would be a semi-professional one. I draw, as a hobby, and am hoping to make a little money at it , probably just on the side as it were (although when you are out of work anyway, is anything just "on the side"??).

I want to have somewhere online that I can point people to, so that they can see examples of what I do.  As some of you know, Geocities was a place you could get free webspace, and that has now gone down. And ideally any webspace that I get, would be Free. Searching around a bit I came across this site, "Yola", http://www.yola.com/ which used to be something called "Synthasite". From what I can tell, they are free, with no adverts on your site, although I think you only get a sub domain name with them, eg. elliejane.yolasite.com.

Has anyone heard anything, good or bad, about these people? Or indeed, have any other suggestions?
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I have done some fan art for a wonderful Supernatural story called, "Sammy's Most Excellent California Adventure,"
by [info]ficwriter1966 . It was written for the Summer of Sam Love  fic exchange.

I'll copy the summary here, but surfice it to say, it is a wonderful Supernatural gen character piece! Full of subtlety and layers, this is Sam and Dean looking back to times past and trying to deal with what they have in the present. The brothers are beautifully realised in this and all in all I found it a joy to read! Go give it a read yourself!

Title: Sammy's Most Excellent California Adventure  < Click the title to go straight to the fic.
Author: [info]ficwriter1966
Rating: PG for language
Word Count: 10,000 words
Summary: Still searching for a way to help Sam (and himself) recover from Madison's death, Dean takes his brother to a "family style" motel in Buena Park, California -- the same motel they stayed at with Dad when Sam was 3 and Dean was not-quite-8, and Dad agreed to take the boys to Disneyland if Sam would "be a good boy for Dean." While Dean naps, Sam remembers that previous stay -- his attempts to help Dean (who was sick with the flu), his love for his Dad, and the fun the three of them had when they finally got to Disneyland. 

Click the banner for the art! Bizarrely, clicking the words "Read more..." also takes you to the art!
Small banner



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My old Farscape fic is being migrated over to LJ for tagging purposes. Sorry if you've read it before! But feel free to read it if you haven't!


Title: When Johnny Strikes Up The Band
Words: 729
Rating: Mostly harmless
Set: Towards the end of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Spoilers: For PKW in the vaguest sort of way – to be honest if you don't know what happened with John and the wormhole then this will make no sense. Of course, it may make no sense anyway.
Disclaimer: Farscape does not belong to me.

Notes: This was written for the FarscapeFriday song title challenge to use a Warran Zevon song for the title of a fic. Of course, in a very non-predictable way, I use the one with Johnny in it. Me, obsessed? Naaahhhhhh......hee.

More notes: When I came back to this and re-read, it bits of it niggled at me. Nothing horrendously major, but enough to make me want to tweak it. So I went ahead and did it. Just moving some words about, changing a few others. I don't think I made it worse, anyway!

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I'm off on my Devon holidays again. Yesterday it was torrential rain in the am and bright sun in the pm. I've given up trying to guess the weather, lol. I'm *hoping* to have internet access whilst I'm there, so I'm taking my laptop. taking both sunglasses and waterproof jacket. Sandals and boots. My suitcase weighs a ton!

Of course, I have yet to pack the car (suitcase in car, not car in suitcase!) so I'd better stop doing this now, and kick my ass into gear!

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Back in the day, I posted whatever Farscape fic I'd written to the Kansas forum (and transferred subsequently to TerraFirma). I've decided to migrate it over to LiveJournal and tag it, in an attempt to get all my fanfic in one place (not that I wrote much)! This will happen slowly, when I'm in the mood, lol. It's possible that one or two of my lovely flist will have seen them before, thusly, aplologies in advance for the repetition.

Title: Loss of Innocents
Fandom: Farscape
Rating: G
Words: 550
Setting: Roundabout the end of Season 2.
Disclaimer: Always theirs, never mine.
Date originally posted at Kansas forum: 6th April 2004
Summary: John Crichton is lost. In thought, perhaps, or memories. Or other places.

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Title: Riding Roller Coasters for a Living
Author: elliejane
Fandoms: Farscape/Torchwood
Characters: John Crichton, Torchwood team
Rating: G
Word Count: 10,400 approx
Written for: Multiverse 2009
Notes: This fic is a tad AU. Set at the beginning of the Natural Election epsidode in Season 4 of Farscape. In the actual episode a wormhole opens, and plant-based hijinks ensue. In the fic, the wormhole opens and other hijinks entirely ensue. The Torchwood part takes place in Season 2 before the events of Reset.
Summary: An American scientist shouldn't be running around Cardiff wearing leather, holding a nice piece of alien technology.

AN: Apologies for the lateness of this fic. It was due on the 13th, but due to real life, I couldn't post it then.

AN2: Since posting this I found a couple of typos and inconsistencies, which I have tweaked. Nothing substantial has changed, though.

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So, this weekend just gone, I went to the Supernatural Asylum 3 convention in the UK. It was chaos personified, BUT I had a good time and got two pieces of artwork signed by Jared and Jensen. It's a bit of a blur (both the photos of the pics themselves and the memory!!) but both asked who drew the pics and I said it was me. Among other things Jared said "Wow!" and Jensen said "You are very talented." And I showed him  the Sam pic as well, and said I had to get the full set.  I was crazy nervous, but both the boys said nice things, I just wish I could remember more! After Jensen had signed, my hands were shaking for a good ten minutes! The nice chappy looking after Jensen, remembered me bringing the artwork to Jared's signing, and looked impressed, which chuffed me as well.

I did post the Jensen pic here before, although since then I tweaked it a bit. I have included here a copy of the Sam pic on it's own, as well,  as Jared's sig was almost as big as the pic! The quality of the images isn't great as I still haven't got the hang of photographing them decently. I'm thinking of drawing more of Sam's body in to balance out the sig, but I'm having trouble finding decent reference, at the right angle. I used a pic from one of the Supernatural mags as reference for both images. I THINK the Sam one is from the diner in Lazarus Rising, but from a different angle than it was fimed. I think! If anyone knows where to find a decent pic, I'd be very grateful, lol. Just one of Sam standing a the same sort of angle would do!

 (If you click on the images that are linked to from this post, it makes the pics show up very big, much bigger than real life. They do not benefit from this close up! I am not at all sure how to resize them at the moment, so it's probably best if you don't click to enlarge if you take a look!)

dean with autosammy with auto


Sam and Dean Winchester drawn by Ellie in Faber-Castell colour pencils.

(Not that I think anyone would, but please don't take or repost the pics for any reason, icons or whatnot. Feel free to link to this post if you want to.)
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I have a Dreamwidth code to give away if anyone is still in need. I'll screen comments, so if you want it first come first served with an email addy and I'll send it on over.

If I don't get any takers in a day or two, I'll put it up at one of the DW comms.

Eta: It's stupidly late here, atm, so if anyone does comment, I'll sort it out in the morning! Am going to bed!


May. 6th, 2009 11:48 pm
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Like some others, I now have a Dreamwidth account, as well as my Livejournal.

At this stage, I don't know how much I'll be posting there or anything, it was more a case of "the cool kids have one, I want one!", and respecting what Syne and co are doing (also, cool name!). I will probably friend folks over there if and when I think about it, but have had no major thoughts of moving over entirely (unlikely, really, unless the entirety of my flist decamps), and I find it hard enough to make regular posts over here on LJ!! We shall see.

I have the same user name, however, so if you do get random friending by "elliejane", it's still me. As applies to this journal, no one is ever obliged to friend back!
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So, a question to my Farscape flist (oh, and my reason for asking it relates to a fic, lol):

Did John's module actually have the words Farscape 1 on it? I've looked at the Premiere ep, and can see the words United States, and a circular logo that could either be the Iasa one, or the Farscape one, but am not sure it if the actual Farscape 1 words are there somewhere.

I feel that it ought to say Farscape 1, somewhere, but it wasn't immediatley apparent to me, and the logo was unclear as well. Anyone know for sure?
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Just recently I've been drawing again, after quite a long break. The other day I threw caution to the wind and decided to try and draw Dean from Supernatural, using a pic from the Supernatural magazine. Here is the result.  I took a photo of the drawing, and the photo didn't turn out great, but hey ho! Click the pic here for a bigger size...winces....I think it looks better in real life. And I THINK it looks like Dean but...feel free to comment! I may go ahead and add some background in, but I haven't decided yet.

Dean Winchester, drawn by Ellie in Faber-Castell and Derwent colour pencil.
(I can't imagine that anyone would want to, but please don't repost the picture anywhere. Feel free to link to this entry if you want, though!)
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Just a shout out for an convention for Torchwood that I am going to next weekend! (March 13th to 15th)

The organisers haven't sold out yet, and they'd like to see if they can. They have some top notch guests, including Eve Myles (Gwen), Gareth Lloyd-Davies (Ianto), Burn Gorman (Owen), Kai Owen (Rhys) and few other guesties, including the actor who played the original Capt Harkness that Jack nicked his name from. So on pure eye candy alone it's a win! lol.

I went to the first Hub last year, and it was a riot, with lots of laughs and LOTS of innuendo and double entendre. The guests tried to keep it clean to begin with, but it was a losing battle! John Barrowman went that time, and although he's not down for this year's, Gareth and Kai are a fabulous double act and enjoyed themselves so much last time that they immediately signed up for the Hub2.

the website is here:

The venue is The Park Inn in Northampton, although that hotel is sold out of rooms (I myself am staying at the Ibis across the road) so if you want to go, I'd check out your accommodation before you book to be on the safe side.
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To anyone who does, no, I haven't written anymore!!

This is just a quick post to say I have archived my old Evil!John Farscape fics on my website again. The previous site went down as it was a free Wanadoo one, which was a facility they closed. I've just uploaded the fics onto a free yahoo one (sorry about those pesky side ads!) so if anyone does feel the need to read about Evil PK John, then this (see below) is where to find them! I know Kazbaby was asking about them the other day (which is what booted me into action, lol).

For those who don't know (or rather for anyone who cares!) the premise is an AU where John is the bad peacekeeper guy and Aeryn is the Earthling astronaut, and follows how this altered dynamic changes various things that happened in the show. It started with two little ficlets, just to mind frell people! I kept adding and adding more sections, till it became a series of 6 or 7 fics, the last one with almost 34,000 words! And if Agent Rouka hadn't kept prodding me, that last section may never have been written!

It is quite dark. There are no rainbows and kittens, so don't read if you are looking for shippyness or schmoop! But although bad things happen, I don't think it is overly graphic. Although there is the implication of non-con, it isn't actually written.

Anyway, www.geocities.com/elliejaye/index.htm here you go!

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I think my brain has gone rusty and is about to fall out. I don't know. I don't know if it is the fact that I don't interact with people as much at the moment, because I am still looking for work after the redundancy. I still see  my friends and family though, so it's not as if I am a hermit.

I've always been a bit of a scatterbrain, but recently I've either been getting worse, or maybe just getting worse at hiding it. I am looking at life in terms of mistakes, and that for every task I undertake or just anything I do, I will make at least one mistake. Just about every time. To the extent that if something goes well with no hiccups, I am amazed.

I went for a recruitment agency interview: I got a parking ticket.

I promised my friend I would record Atlantis for her: I forgot. Worse, I knew I needed to do it, and kept putting it off, till I actually forgot.

Trying to calculate the simple split of a restaurant bill: I could actively NOT DO THE MATH. Numbers have never been my strong point, but I could feel the slippery little buggers racing around trying to get away from me. At one point I thought I had the answer, and as soon as I opened my mouth it had slid away from me.

My decision making ability was never sharp, but I found myself asking my friend in a shopping trip: Do I need this item?

Today I had a chap from Auto Glass come out to replace my windscreen and when he phoned, I forgot it was MONDAY. I was all shocked that he was checking about coming round and was like, but they said it would be Monday. His answer? It IS Monday.

My friend says that my system/brain has had a huge shock in terms of the redundancy and is acting all stunned. I latched onto that theory as a face-saving posibility, but maybe I was always this way and just used to be able to cover my tracks more. Maybe I am just being a drama queen and this is just life and I am making more of it than it is because I am freaked out generally.

Oh, well, on the positive side i went to see John Barrowman in Robin Hood, the panto, with three friends, and I had bought the tickets, planned the route, drove us all into the city to the theatre, ordered the interval drinks, and it DID go ok. And the panto was marvelous!!
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I can't recall if my UK flist is into Supernatural at all, but I'm going to post this anyway, lol.

Asylum 3, 2009 being held in Birmingham (UK) next May have a got a great line up which now includes a Winchester brother!

Jensen is now on the list, hurrah!!

See link to relevant LJ entry :)


::Crosses fingers that  he does make it!::
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Flitting around the web just I tripped over this page on Quantum Mechanix site.  A cd of songs called Got to Fly, by a singer called Marian Call. Being both a singer and a song writer, PLUS a Firefly and Battlestar fan led her to write some songs based on her favourite Firefly and BSG folks. I really like the sound of them from the samples on the page! Go listen, see what you think. There is also one called "I'll still be a geek after nobody thinks it's chic."

QM have produced the cd. They will be on sale for the first time at the forthcoming Firefly/SG1 con in Burbank, and after that only from the QM site. Oh, and she will be singing there as well! She has other, more general music out as well, but of course being a Browncoat is what caught my eye!

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Bye bye, Ten.

David Tennant is giving back the Tardis key after the specials next year. Wonder who will be cast as Eleven?

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Calling out to anyone who can advise or help!

I appear to have got somekind of redirect virus on my laptop (an HP one, running Windows XP).  When I try to search for something using a search engine it redirects me to random search websites. I've managed to do some limited searching, enough to gather that I'm not the only one to have this problem, but not enough to find out how to cure it!

Any ideas anyone??

Oh, I'm also running Norton Antivirus software (which I gather is not everyones virus software of choice!).