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Well, I have done it partly to distract myself from the fact that I'm not going to Burbank, that I'll be all Benless and so forth....

...I am signed up to go the the Serenity/Firefly convention at the Radisson at Heathrow that Starfury are running. Just happens to be the weekend of Burbank, 18th November I think.

Can we just say eep??!!

I am trying to persuade Lins to go, and she's expressed interest bless her, despite not having seen Firefly!

I have said that I'm going no matter if I'm going on my own. I know a few of my UK DB folks have been saying "ooh cool" about Serenity, but I have no idea if any of them is into it all enough to go to a con! So I shall go and look at the guests, heavens above, and not worry about getting ratted and dressing in wings (old time DB'ers will get this reference, hee). (Unless Lins is persuaded to go, in which case getting ratted may well happen, lol).

Actually, I'm surprising myself. This is the last sort of thing I'd do normally, and it's not as if I was mega devoted to Firefly. But I must have felt something, because huh, *screening* and reading fan fic. And I love Serenity to bits.

I wasn't going to post this til I actually got my ticket (as I get paranoid about these things) but I have seen that they've taken the money form my card, so, heck I must be going!

Ahem, Nathan "Cap'n Tightpants" Fillion is on the list to be there. He tipped the balance for me, I think. Never let it be said that Ellie won't travel to drool at folks.

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Hello! ::wave:: I am woefully beind on Lj this week, and am away this weekend...I have a serious feeling there is stuff I need to reply to or make comments on but unfortunately it's gonna have to wait til later.

For now...I've seen Serenity 3 times, yay (4 if you count the screening) and I just have to remember which site was offering a free gift in exchange for ticket stubs. Don't care what the free gift is, I want it. Don't think they'd give away Nathan FIllion but, hey, who knows.

I'll be in Nottingham at the w/end and hope to go to the Forbidden Planet there. Will be looking out for anything Serenity/Firefly related, though I don't know how wide spread merch is. I kinda miss not actively LOOKing for something, though, merch wise.

Am sucking miserably on the original fic front. I can feel my brain working, and skipping from point to point, and that is GOOD but the bad is that I skip to fast and furious, and never get anythjing on paper. I'm used to plotting in my head from the whole Evil!JOhn saga, but back then I had structure and the plotting/dialogue etc etc was like colouring in the lines. Now, it feels like I have a crayon and am wildly dashing haphazard patterns that make no sense. Sighs. I get inspired by other peoples fic projects, but "inspiration" seems to be where it ends....

Anyways...go see Serenity if you haven't already!


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