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I think it's probably an age since I last posted. I forgot to check how long. I kinda, sorta, meant to post around Christmas but that didn't happen. (The posting, I mean, not Christmas. Christmas happened fine, thanks.)

I begin the new year with conventions on the brain. I keep having vague thoughts that I don't do much on the convention front any more, but it's not really true. I usually go to Collectormania in MK. Last year I went on my own to an Atlantis one at the Thistle (good old Thistle), and then later to Collectormania at the GMEX in Manchester. The year before that I went to Serenity2 with Meg and Lis. And this year I am down for the Atlantis con again, this time with David Hewlett (he's a GUEST, I'm not going with him ;).

And then?

I'm down to go to a Supernatural con. This may not strike you as odd, except for the fact that I have never in fact seen any Supernatural at all and keep getting the boys names mixed up. When your ownly connnection with a fandom is trying not to read Wincest, should you really be going to a convention on it??

But it's in Coventry which is maybe 40 minutes away from me, as opposed to 2 hours or half a world away, and we'll stay at my place which saves on hotel bills. Actually, the real reason for going is a)hey, it's a con, and b) C is totally jazzed about it and anticipates fainting in the presence of the two J's. Yep, seems both J's are on the guest list, which I am pretty impressed about. At least I did see Jensen in Dark Angel, although I did soundly resent him because I always thought he was getting in between Max and Logan (I'm a girl who looves her ships). I keep teasing C by saying I'll go up for the autograph and say "Which one are you again?" I adore the fact that she's so psyched by the whole con thing. This autographs and photos with cute actors seems to have been a bit of a revelation for her and it's fun to see her so psyched! She's going to lend me the dvd's before we go so at least I'll have watched a couple.

As we get closer to Atlantis I get a little more worried, thinking, maybe she won't like it (GMEX was her first 'event', Atlantis will be her first proper con), and feeling a slight amount of responsibility to make sure everything works smoothly for us during the weekend. As I'm the one who's been before you'd think I'd think it's a breeze but cons are often chaotic and winging it can be the order of the day.

Joe Flanigan was there last year and we had some great additional guests (Ronon, Ford, Chief Tyrol from Galactica). This year the main draw it David Hewlett (MacKay) which is very cool and am looking for ward to him muchly, but the other guests aren't so major as last year. I'm sure it'll be fine, it doesn't take much to keep me happy, but I really want C to have a good time. Well, at least we saw Joe F at GMEX and swooned over him greatly. And I love the character of mackay. So let's hope everything goes aok!

In other news I'm pretty sure I saw Craig Parker in a financial services ad on the tv today. First saw it weeks back, but I took a longer look today and I'm 99% sure it's him. It's for INGDirect (the one with the orange life belt, I think) and it's shot mostly in mono and he's doing a walk and talk. Anyone else seen it??
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