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So, this weekend just gone, I went to the Supernatural Asylum 3 convention in the UK. It was chaos personified, BUT I had a good time and got two pieces of artwork signed by Jared and Jensen. It's a bit of a blur (both the photos of the pics themselves and the memory!!) but both asked who drew the pics and I said it was me. Among other things Jared said "Wow!" and Jensen said "You are very talented." And I showed him  the Sam pic as well, and said I had to get the full set.  I was crazy nervous, but both the boys said nice things, I just wish I could remember more! After Jensen had signed, my hands were shaking for a good ten minutes! The nice chappy looking after Jensen, remembered me bringing the artwork to Jared's signing, and looked impressed, which chuffed me as well.

I did post the Jensen pic here before, although since then I tweaked it a bit. I have included here a copy of the Sam pic on it's own, as well,  as Jared's sig was almost as big as the pic! The quality of the images isn't great as I still haven't got the hang of photographing them decently. I'm thinking of drawing more of Sam's body in to balance out the sig, but I'm having trouble finding decent reference, at the right angle. I used a pic from one of the Supernatural mags as reference for both images. I THINK the Sam one is from the diner in Lazarus Rising, but from a different angle than it was fimed. I think! If anyone knows where to find a decent pic, I'd be very grateful, lol. Just one of Sam standing a the same sort of angle would do!

 (If you click on the images that are linked to from this post, it makes the pics show up very big, much bigger than real life. They do not benefit from this close up! I am not at all sure how to resize them at the moment, so it's probably best if you don't click to enlarge if you take a look!)

dean with autosammy with auto


Sam and Dean Winchester drawn by Ellie in Faber-Castell colour pencils.

(Not that I think anyone would, but please don't take or repost the pics for any reason, icons or whatnot. Feel free to link to this post if you want to.)


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