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Mission: Stargate Atlantis convention.
Status: Accomplished!

Yep, the convention that was due at the beginning of February? A manic success :)

The guests were David Hewlett(McKAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!)
Kate Hewlett (Jeannie McKay)
Ryan Robbins (Ladon)
Erin Chambers (Sora)
Dan Payne (various bad guys in prosthetics)
David Nykl (Zelenka)
Ivy Isenberg (casting person)
Aaron Douglas (Battlestar) who has been in an ep of Sg1 and who did a lot of MCing during the weekend.l
Chuck Cambpell (gate technician)

Hewlett was the main draw, of course, and I was a tad disappointed that Flannigan wasn't there (although didn't really think he would be). This was C's first proper con, so I wanted it to go well, and there were more main guests last year, it seemed. That said, David Nykl was a kind of last minute surprise and so was Aaron Douglas, so we definitely got value for money!

However: The whole thing was fantastic!! The guests were all amazing, had us in stitches and baying for more! RR, DP and AD were all good buddies and were riffing off each other like a well oiled comedy routine. David Hewlett is absolute gold, only occasionally looked like McKay and was funny, charming, bratty (with his sister, hee), adorable and more.

I am always terrible at doing con reports so I will have to find some links to couple of places that give more detailed accounts of the talks. But various things stand out, like Dan Payne, 6'4" and built, being forever asked to take his shirt off! The two Hewlett's almost double acting, and Kate consistently being ribbed by David for coming in the night before at 5am!!! The auction, for things like signed photos etc etc where astonishing amounts of money were bid. Erin Chambers having a truly beautiful singing voice. Aaron Douglas hosting the terribly punned Dial or No Dial, and making it all very funny and worth watching!

We met two other lovely girls there, who we hung out with for a lot of the weekend. A and K were con virgins and wonderfully 'normal', lol. We did get cornered by some manic slashers in a queue, survived and kind of gravitated towards each other after that, lol. I was not much help in guiding our virgins through the weekend because, I have discovered, not only is my memory of what goes on at cons terribly fuzzy, but I can't remember simple things, like ""take photos to get signed with you, or get stung buying official ones!" When ever anyone asked me what I reckoned was going on, I was all like "Huh???" ::glazed eyes::.

Well, what I could say was there will be chaos and there will be queues, and I was right, there was!!! But that's par for the course, and luckily C seemed to understand it was part of the whole experience and not something to get ticked off about too much.

On the Saturday and Sunday nights we hung out in the bar a lot and drank Bacardi Breezers because they were on offer. I am still very backward at coming forward and it was our con virgins who were up to hailing guests as they went passed and finangling photos with them, hee.

All in all a fantabulous time was had!
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I think it's probably an age since I last posted. I forgot to check how long. I kinda, sorta, meant to post around Christmas but that didn't happen. (The posting, I mean, not Christmas. Christmas happened fine, thanks.)

I begin the new year with conventions on the brain. I keep having vague thoughts that I don't do much on the convention front any more, but it's not really true. I usually go to Collectormania in MK. Last year I went on my own to an Atlantis one at the Thistle (good old Thistle), and then later to Collectormania at the GMEX in Manchester. The year before that I went to Serenity2 with Meg and Lis. And this year I am down for the Atlantis con again, this time with David Hewlett (he's a GUEST, I'm not going with him ;).

And then?

I'm down to go to a Supernatural con. This may not strike you as odd, except for the fact that I have never in fact seen any Supernatural at all and keep getting the boys names mixed up. When your ownly connnection with a fandom is trying not to read Wincest, should you really be going to a convention on it??

But it's in Coventry which is maybe 40 minutes away from me, as opposed to 2 hours or half a world away, and we'll stay at my place which saves on hotel bills. Actually, the real reason for going is a)hey, it's a con, and b) C is totally jazzed about it and anticipates fainting in the presence of the two J's. Yep, seems both J's are on the guest list, which I am pretty impressed about. At least I did see Jensen in Dark Angel, although I did soundly resent him because I always thought he was getting in between Max and Logan (I'm a girl who looves her ships). I keep teasing C by saying I'll go up for the autograph and say "Which one are you again?" I adore the fact that she's so psyched by the whole con thing. This autographs and photos with cute actors seems to have been a bit of a revelation for her and it's fun to see her so psyched! She's going to lend me the dvd's before we go so at least I'll have watched a couple.

As we get closer to Atlantis I get a little more worried, thinking, maybe she won't like it (GMEX was her first 'event', Atlantis will be her first proper con), and feeling a slight amount of responsibility to make sure everything works smoothly for us during the weekend. As I'm the one who's been before you'd think I'd think it's a breeze but cons are often chaotic and winging it can be the order of the day.

Joe Flanigan was there last year and we had some great additional guests (Ronon, Ford, Chief Tyrol from Galactica). This year the main draw it David Hewlett (MacKay) which is very cool and am looking for ward to him muchly, but the other guests aren't so major as last year. I'm sure it'll be fine, it doesn't take much to keep me happy, but I really want C to have a good time. Well, at least we saw Joe F at GMEX and swooned over him greatly. And I love the character of mackay. So let's hope everything goes aok!

In other news I'm pretty sure I saw Craig Parker in a financial services ad on the tv today. First saw it weeks back, but I took a longer look today and I'm 99% sure it's him. It's for INGDirect (the one with the orange life belt, I think) and it's shot mostly in mono and he's doing a walk and talk. Anyone else seen it??
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Well, me and C found our way to the GMEX alright. And I cannot emphasize too much how we had a FANTASTIC time! Seriously, it was a great, great day!

The main draws were Craig Parker (Haldir from Lord of the Rings) and Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis.

Joe F. is gorgeous. I mean, he just really is. I know, being the shallow lass I am, that I watch (drool, ogle, gaze adoringly at) him whenever he is on screen in Atlantis and I love the character of Sheppard. And in real life he is just totally teh sex on legs. Can't help it. I don't know if it's the hair or the voice or just the whole enitire man himself, but....sighs. Do I feel like a fawning fan girl? Pretty much.

He's very nice to meet, if a tad reserved. Well, not exactly reserved, but more guarded, perhaps, as if deep down he is bemused by all these people wanting to see him. And maybe a little worried that some of us are stalkers.

But then again, anyone would come across as reseved after meeting Craigy Craig Parker, who is THE most attractive, charming, aimiable, pleasant, chipper, fantastic, open, adorable man ever. All the other guests were sat quite properly behind their desks to sign. Craig was perched on the front of his! He shook our hands, said 'I'm Craig' and made us feel so relaxed and easy in his company. And during the photo ops, he actually picked up the woman in front of us in his arms for the her photo. Us? Jealous much?

MEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!! You shoulda been there!!!!!!!!!

We bumped into Lil Aber Lisa and Sarah whilst there, and had a quick chat which was really nice. We each knew the other was going, but didn't really think we'd trip over ourselves, but we did :). And then we did again, briefly at the end of the day, when C and I were standing (lurking) across from the guests tables, handily positioned to see both Joe and Craig just by a turn of the head. Heh.

So, had a gorgeous time, met gorgeous men. Excellent time had by all. Nods.
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A month or two ago, I went to a Stargate Atlantis convention. Not my first con, by any means, although it's the first time (due to a combination or circs) that I ventured to go on my own. Random thoughts and stuff now ensue:

I was tipped over into going becuase Joe Flanigan was put on the guest list, and the man is just darn pretty. Shallowness rulez, yay me! I had a good time - not a fantastic time, because to do that I think I would have needed my mates, alcohol and giggling - but definitely a good time.

It was a con of about 400 people, so compared to last years Serenity2 (which came in at about 800) it was cozy. Which wasn't a bad thing, at least I could SEE the guests this time, lol.

All the guests were lovely. Although the casting agent won my grrrrs as she dissed my beloved Farscape, and then did it again later even though she'd gathered from some rumblings in the audience that it was not the thing to do. Worse, she dissed it on the basis of rubber puppets.

Rainbow Sun Francks is a sweetie. A cool, hip looking sweetie who is a laugh and wore a hat.

Jason Momoa is a giant teddy bear like sweetie. I mean, yes, huge and muscley and tall and wide....but yes, awwww!!! Especially when he slumps down in his chair as if he is some kinda sweater someone just threw there, then hunches up, peers at the big screen with his face BIG up on it, and announces that we are scary.

Ellie Harvey (Novak/sneezy person) is a stand up comic in real life! Obviously an actor too, but a genuinely funny comic.

Joe Flanigan is cute. He is sexy scruff personified, and really, looks like someone you'd bump into whilst choosing frozen pizzas in the supermarket.

Woefully I have forgotten much about the other folks there. Peter Grodin (actor name escapes me) was cool, and apparently was doing much wacky dancing at the parties. Oh, Chief Tyrol from BSG was there, and he is shark, knife sharp and funny and hates the CSI Miami dude leik whoa. Definitley worth seeing hiim at a con.

One thing that struck me at the q& a's was that both the lads (Joe and Jason) seems to bypass totally the idea of their characters having romantic entanglements. Jason said basically that Teyla is like Ronon's sister. Joe said (roughly) he thinks that romantics liasons kinda discredit the story and the plot and the angst and the action. Ok, he didn't say ALL THAT but that was the idea. And bearing in mind how shippers ship pssionately, it was interesting to find that there is a definite non romantic vibe going on in their heads.

The other thing that struck me (ok, there were two things) was that some of the questions to Joe seemed to be angling for him to say, "Yes, Rodney is Shep's boyfriend and they will be having hot monkey lovin' just off screen every week. Yes, Shep was jealous when Rodney kissed Carson." Yes, somebody actually asked if Shep would have been jealous, yes, indeedy. (Unless my memory is faulty and they didn't, but I know Joe was nonplussed and uncomfortable for part of the time.)

Wow, I've written a lot (for me) and now I have to go because my frozen potato products are burning in the oven. May be back later though.
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Well, the urge to con is back. This time though, it's Stargate Atlantis, and in a very shallow manner the balance is being tipped by Joe Flanigan's attendance. It's at our old haunt the Thistle at Heathrow, and Ford and Ronon are on the list to go, along with a couple of others.

If I do go, it's most likely that this time, I really will go on my own. Yeah, yeah, said that last time, and in a flurry of activity ended up taking Meg and Lis to the Firefly/Serenity con. Which was several different kinds of yay! But this time I really don't think there are any Atlantis fangirls/boys I know, and to be honest my potential schedule would be unfair to anyone going with me.

I have both time and money constraints, which mean that if I go it'll be for 2 nights only, the Friday and the Sat. Which would mean getting out of the room Sunday morning, but hey ho. And driving back home Sunday night, but again, hey ho. The time restraint comes from a couple of things, both work related. I don't really have the holiday time available to take the Monday off, and anyway I want to be in work that Monday.

And as I can't take the week of as I did with the Firefly con, I don't want to be partying late and suffering from con flu the subsequent week, which is a week I want to have my head on straight. So I shall save time and energy by NOT partying, which is a foregone conclusion anyway if I am on my own. Far too shy and retiring am I, too venture out without my peeps with me, lol.

I would get off work early on the Friday, hare down to Heathrow, and really be there for the guests. Which will be weird because all previous cons have been partly for guests, partly for mates.

We shall see. I have also been tempted by another Firefly con in September. And I really DON'T know about that one!!
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Well, I have done it partly to distract myself from the fact that I'm not going to Burbank, that I'll be all Benless and so forth....

...I am signed up to go the the Serenity/Firefly convention at the Radisson at Heathrow that Starfury are running. Just happens to be the weekend of Burbank, 18th November I think.

Can we just say eep??!!

I am trying to persuade Lins to go, and she's expressed interest bless her, despite not having seen Firefly!

I have said that I'm going no matter if I'm going on my own. I know a few of my UK DB folks have been saying "ooh cool" about Serenity, but I have no idea if any of them is into it all enough to go to a con! So I shall go and look at the guests, heavens above, and not worry about getting ratted and dressing in wings (old time DB'ers will get this reference, hee). (Unless Lins is persuaded to go, in which case getting ratted may well happen, lol).

Actually, I'm surprising myself. This is the last sort of thing I'd do normally, and it's not as if I was mega devoted to Firefly. But I must have felt something, because huh, *screening* and reading fan fic. And I love Serenity to bits.

I wasn't going to post this til I actually got my ticket (as I get paranoid about these things) but I have seen that they've taken the money form my card, so, heck I must be going!

Ahem, Nathan "Cap'n Tightpants" Fillion is on the list to be there. He tipped the balance for me, I think. Never let it be said that Ellie won't travel to drool at folks.

Crossposted at the DB.
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Just a sleepy post before bedtime! I went to Collectormania 7 today, and met up with a handful of my lovely Scaper buds! ((((hugs and waves))) Too tired to put your names in lj user tags, hey, you guys know who you are anyways ;) It was GREAT to see you again!

I had a lovely time wandering in and out of dealer aisles, listening to Sean Astin be wacky on the PA system, trying to catch a glimpse of most of the guests, and totally missing others. Michael Shanks and Chris Judge cancelled, which was a shame as I would have got their autos - still, saved me some money anyway. Corin Nemec's hair was sane this year, thank goodness, but I had his auto from the year before last and hey, the hair just traumatised me last year, hee.

Various Harry Potter lads were their looking freakily like normal kids. ALso there (and I find this ironic) were Jamie Bamber and Katie Sackoff (sp?).

Ironic, you ask? Why so, you ask? Well, I've been dragging my heels over getting the Battlestar Galactica mini partly because I'm working my way through Firefly. Thing is, this afternoon I hadn't seen any BSG and thus couldn't be described as the least bit fangirlish.. So I didn't really WANT Jamie and Katie's autos...whilst I guess it would be nice to say hey, look I have them, I want to be excited if I ever get them! And that wouldn't have been this afternoon.

So far I am probably 3/4 the way through the mini. I have a headache!! And I am liking it! (BSG not the headache!). I have forgiven them Starbuck's gender, because just as you can say that Farscape wasn't your father's sci fi, the modern BSG isn't your father's sci fi either! And my psyche seems to have accepted that!

Katie Sackoff look lovely, striking with a wide smile :) Jamie looked "normal blokeish"...that is to say I hadn't bonded with him as a character yet. If I ever bond so much that I start drooling, then maybe I WILL wish I'd got the autos, lol.

Looking for Firefly merch I suddenly reaslise THERE ISN'T ANY!!! Well, not much. I found a few photos, some were screen caps. There were a couple of big signed photos but I couldn't really justify geting them even though Mal look delicious (ooooh, yes...I have bonded with Mal ;) ). But of course the series hadn't built up enough steam to get really merched up. Still, I put my name down on a mailing list for info on Serenity previews/info/stuff. I'm talking Firefly up if ever any one mentions it and sometimes when they don't.

Hmmm, oh, and we got given free badges and tee shirts for something called Night Watch? Apparently a sci fi film.

Right am going to bed as am very sleepy now! To my beautiful UK Scaper mates have fun and don't get hangovers ;) Oh, btw - I am currently bidding on ebay for the Peacekeeper Wars sub set ;) But there are some *buy it now* options that are still cheaper than dealers. Yeah yeah, I know I said I was gonna wait so I had something to look for next time but I just couldn't resist!

Night all!
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So, anyway. Not sure if this is going to be terribly eloquent. However, it is going to be a small account of the trip. You know THE trip. Ahem. This is a very rambly account. Not everything is in the right order. Most things are very blurry and I'm just covering the main things I remember. There was LOTS of other wonderful stuff that went on, and folks we met but this is as organised as I get.

Leaving the UK )

Squishies and other joyful things )

The Con starts )

Random Guestage including Ben and Claud )

Ok, I'm taking a break!!! Be back in another post! And the San Francisco part of the trip will probably be on another day...but btw SAN FRANCISCO is fantastic! Go!


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