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Mission: Stargate Atlantis convention.
Status: Accomplished!

Yep, the convention that was due at the beginning of February? A manic success :)

The guests were David Hewlett(McKAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!)
Kate Hewlett (Jeannie McKay)
Ryan Robbins (Ladon)
Erin Chambers (Sora)
Dan Payne (various bad guys in prosthetics)
David Nykl (Zelenka)
Ivy Isenberg (casting person)
Aaron Douglas (Battlestar) who has been in an ep of Sg1 and who did a lot of MCing during the weekend.l
Chuck Cambpell (gate technician)

Hewlett was the main draw, of course, and I was a tad disappointed that Flannigan wasn't there (although didn't really think he would be). This was C's first proper con, so I wanted it to go well, and there were more main guests last year, it seemed. That said, David Nykl was a kind of last minute surprise and so was Aaron Douglas, so we definitely got value for money!

However: The whole thing was fantastic!! The guests were all amazing, had us in stitches and baying for more! RR, DP and AD were all good buddies and were riffing off each other like a well oiled comedy routine. David Hewlett is absolute gold, only occasionally looked like McKay and was funny, charming, bratty (with his sister, hee), adorable and more.

I am always terrible at doing con reports so I will have to find some links to couple of places that give more detailed accounts of the talks. But various things stand out, like Dan Payne, 6'4" and built, being forever asked to take his shirt off! The two Hewlett's almost double acting, and Kate consistently being ribbed by David for coming in the night before at 5am!!! The auction, for things like signed photos etc etc where astonishing amounts of money were bid. Erin Chambers having a truly beautiful singing voice. Aaron Douglas hosting the terribly punned Dial or No Dial, and making it all very funny and worth watching!

We met two other lovely girls there, who we hung out with for a lot of the weekend. A and K were con virgins and wonderfully 'normal', lol. We did get cornered by some manic slashers in a queue, survived and kind of gravitated towards each other after that, lol. I was not much help in guiding our virgins through the weekend because, I have discovered, not only is my memory of what goes on at cons terribly fuzzy, but I can't remember simple things, like ""take photos to get signed with you, or get stung buying official ones!" When ever anyone asked me what I reckoned was going on, I was all like "Huh???" ::glazed eyes::.

Well, what I could say was there will be chaos and there will be queues, and I was right, there was!!! But that's par for the course, and luckily C seemed to understand it was part of the whole experience and not something to get ticked off about too much.

On the Saturday and Sunday nights we hung out in the bar a lot and drank Bacardi Breezers because they were on offer. I am still very backward at coming forward and it was our con virgins who were up to hailing guests as they went passed and finangling photos with them, hee.

All in all a fantabulous time was had!
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