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Hello! ::wave:: I am woefully beind on Lj this week, and am away this weekend...I have a serious feeling there is stuff I need to reply to or make comments on but unfortunately it's gonna have to wait til later.

For now...I've seen Serenity 3 times, yay (4 if you count the screening) and I just have to remember which site was offering a free gift in exchange for ticket stubs. Don't care what the free gift is, I want it. Don't think they'd give away Nathan FIllion but, hey, who knows.

I'll be in Nottingham at the w/end and hope to go to the Forbidden Planet there. Will be looking out for anything Serenity/Firefly related, though I don't know how wide spread merch is. I kinda miss not actively LOOKing for something, though, merch wise.

Am sucking miserably on the original fic front. I can feel my brain working, and skipping from point to point, and that is GOOD but the bad is that I skip to fast and furious, and never get anythjing on paper. I'm used to plotting in my head from the whole Evil!JOhn saga, but back then I had structure and the plotting/dialogue etc etc was like colouring in the lines. Now, it feels like I have a crayon and am wildly dashing haphazard patterns that make no sense. Sighs. I get inspired by other peoples fic projects, but "inspiration" seems to be where it ends....

Anyways...go see Serenity if you haven't already!


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