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2014-02-16 11:00 pm

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To the lovely [livejournal.com profile] troyswann
I may have written you a nonsense birthday rhyme. ::Hides::

A Birthday Missive of Unusual Irrelevance and Oddness

I do not know what happens here,
It could be anything, I fear,
It could be trees a-fallen down,
It could be snow thick on the ground,
It could be wolves ranged all around,
It could be bears, it could be bears!!

The whole thing's giving me a scare
My knees are quaking hard, I swear,
It could be moose loose on the path,
It could be a giant giraffe,
It could be mermaids in the bath,
It could be bears, it could be bears!!

Upon this birthday, bright and fair*
I'll send you smiles and hugs and care!
I'll wish you were not woe'd with flu,
I'll wish you were not feeling blue,
But still, at least, remember do,
It wasn't bears, it wasn't bears!!

(*And if the day is not bright and fair I still send the smiles and hugs and care :))

Happy Birthday, Sal! ::runs::
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2014-02-02 02:26 am

Short Coriolanus verse

This is inspired by the scene, in NTLive's stunning Coriolanus, where Tom Hiddleston's Coriolanus is showered clean of blood and fight, centre stage:

After War

With bloody red, spun off in drops of light,
The water wrings the warrior out (but for a time),
As he flings off the daubs of victory and might,
Becomes, again, the husband, father, son.
With other, no less bloody wars, to come.


Not sure this is quite how I wanted it, but it won't bend any other way.
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2013-10-06 11:01 pm
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A question for someone on the flist...

A question for someone on the flist...

A little while ago, someone posted a link to a vid that I want watch again. The thing is I can't remember who posted it or why. Helpful, huh?

It was to the song, "Radioactive", and it was depicting a possibly post-apocalytic scenario related to a specific creative work. It might have been ficwriter1966 who posted it about Silo, or it might have been Minxy who posted it about Nightvale. It might have been someone/something else altogether, but those two are the ones it ffffeeeels like it could have been. But if anyone recognises anything, could you point me in the right direction? ::bats eyelases::

I swear I used to have something that passed for a memory, but yeah...
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2013-10-06 10:46 pm
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Fic posted to Archive of our Own

I used to write, if not a lot of fan fic, at least some. Some fic is posted in my journal here, some was posted to Kansas/Terra Firma. At least a couple of things have fallen off the grid entirely. At one point, I thought I'd try and get everything posted here at LJ, but hey ho, I never really followed through.

So, the new intent is to post some stuff to Archive of our Own. I read fic on there now and again, and I like the idea of a central archive. Of course, having all your eggs in one basket and one basket only, may or may not be wise, but at the moment my eggs are all over the place, anyway. Scrambled, one might say ;)

Once again, whether I follow this on through is another matter. Whether it matters at all, is another matter, as well. But for now, you can find me and the single solitary Torchwood fic I've just re/uploaded, on AOOO, user name elliejane.

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2013-02-17 12:53 am
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Troyswann haz a birthday!

Ok, I think I'm getting this right. I think it's the birthday of [livejournal.com profile] troyswann today. Well, not *here*, here its already tomorrow. But in Sal's general vicinity it should still be the B day.

So, [livejournal.com profile] troyswann if it's your birthday today, "Happy Birthday!" And if it isn't, then just come back and read these words until it is!


Sal is quite a gal
I hope her birthday's fine
And that she will forgive
This really awful rhyme!

Taa daa!
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2013-02-15 08:12 pm
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(no subject)

Aaaand this was the random post I actually came to make. I tripped over this on the internets and thought, ooh, that's kinda cool. Impressionist guy doing a Richard III speech. I admit to thinking of [livejournal.com profile] troyswann because of the Shakepeariness. And coincidentally, there is a touch of a Craigy Ferg impression about halfway through!

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2013-02-15 08:03 pm
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(no subject)

So, I came to make a random post, and found LJ asking me if I wanted to retrieve a draft. Huh, I thought. Ok. And this was it:

Poetry iz hard.

Have you ever been wedded to a rhyme/turn of phrase/words so much that you cling tightly to it/them, even if you are beginning to doubt it/they work?

Do you sculpt away at the thing til it works, damn it! or scrap it and start that bit over?

Sometimes I do just have to poke at a thing over and over til it takes form. But then again

I have no idea when I wrote this and only a vague idea what it refers to. And you can see something must have interupted me (hence a auto-saved draft) because of the lack of full stop at the end.

But, actually the questions still stand. Poke at it, or scrap it?
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2011-05-21 11:06 pm

WIth ink, there's no going back!

It's amazing what you end up doing when you have the back of an envelope and a biro in your hand...here is another pic of Dean Winchester, that doesn't look entirely like him, but if you squint you might say, "Ooooh, yeah, maybe.....hmmmmm," or perhaps, "Feh!"

I tried one of Sam....it did not go well. See, I'm all about the eraser and having the ability to reboot, so freehand envelope sketching is....so not me! I'm actually impressed that it looks like a human! (Again, taken with ipod so reproduction not that great.)

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2011-05-13 01:14 am

Drawing concrit!

I have a quick question! Or maybe it is more concrit I need.

I've done a drawing of Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and I need to know if it is any good! I know I should be able to tell, but I find after spending the time drawing, my eyes and brain aren't objective anymore. I literally can't tell if it looks like him. This was a relatively quick drawing - I did one 2 years ago that was smaller and in full colour that I liked (although, it wasn't perfect) but this one I just don't know about! The colour is a bit wonky and the photo was taken with my Ipod so the quality of the photo isn't amazing, but it is the drawing that I am concerned about.

Can anyone give me a clue? Any help is welcome! If you think it looks more like your neighbour's nephew that Dean, please say so!

Am also posting the original photo used for reference, as your suggestion, Beckie!

Eta: I did add another version of this pic including Sam but have since decided it's not good enough for a public post, so have taken it down.
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2011-03-18 11:44 pm


BATTLESTAR GALACTICA My Little Pony mashup...I have no words....actually, I do have words! I wish this was longer; it just...I don't even....!!

I know, it looks all pink and fluffy, and pony-y....and you're all, "But where are the cool frackin' robots, huh??" And ok, no robots; still, give it a chance! It's only half a minute long, but anything that makes me laugh out loud and type the WORDS IN FULL, has got to be worth something.

(Oh dear...I've just thought...."So neigh we all"....take me away, now.)

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2010-10-09 12:01 am

Atlantis ficlet - huh, that was unexpected.

I haven't written fic in a long time, it seems. I wax and wane, creatively. Spent years with words, and then found a pencil and have spent the last two years drawing. Not every hour of every day, obviously, heh. And sometimes fic will creep in here and there, but my fixations, in general, shoulder each other out of the way, like rowdy siblings, and it is art and not writing that has held sway in recent times.

But one of the bits of fic that crept in late at night, is what I am posting here. For no good reason, really.

I never know how much info to put into a summary. This fic(let) is especially short, barely 550 words. I'd kind of like it to be read cold, with no hint of which fandom or what's happening, but I think that is asking a bit much. But still I am going to be as cryptic as possible, just because I can. However, none of it will make much sense if you *don't* know the fandom. And, to be honest, it may not make much sense if you do. I think, again to be honest, I was writing to indulge myself, and never intended it for human consumption. But hey ho. I've written a tiny spoilery explanation at the end.

Title: And here we are, at the end of time...
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: Anyone
Spoilers: Sort of? Does it still matter? The explanation at the end of the fic would probably spoil more tha the fic itself.
Disclaimer: I didn't invent the show, but I can't actually remember who did. I may Google this later.
Summary: This is what happened in the end.

Read more )
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2010-09-03 11:54 pm

Laptop recs, anyone??

So, my lifeline to the outside world, my surfing enabler, my pixel pushing, fic fetching laptop is no more.

It is (to cut a long story short) an ex-parrot.

MY LAPTOP DIEDED!!!!! Excuse me while I go woe for a bit.


I am using my Dad's (bless him) for the moment.

Does anyone out there on my flist, have any recommendations?

I don't play video games, but I do use Photoshop. I occasionally watch an episode of tv ( on BBC iplayer and such) or watch vids on You Tube. I have the tendency of keeping lots of browser windows open at once. Also, a tendency to have several different programs open at once (e.g. Photoshop and Dreamweaver).

My basic thought is to have something which has a duel-core processor (read somewhere that this is better?), 250-500gb hard drive, 15.6" screen (or more), dvd re-writer, Windows 7 (not Vista, and Windows 7 seems to be what's on all the screens at the moment), decent amount of RAM (not sure how much that would be, though),  wireless but able to connect to the net via my current external modem with USB.....nothing utterly spectacular but something reliable and some decent power.

I am also wondering about repairability. The laptop that just died was an HP Pavillion, and although the repair chappy opened the back up and did various things, he said he deduced the processor had failed but was unable to access that bit of the kit because of the way the casing was constructed. He suggest Sony as being more accessible in this respect.

Does anyone have any thoughts??I already have an old Mac Book (which doesn't connect with the internet with my current set up) but I need a pc based machine for all my pc based programs.

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2010-08-16 10:42 pm

Best Friends Dance (choreographer Travis Wall)

The link I have posted here is of a dance routine from So You Think You Can Dance in the States. I'm posting it more as a reminder for me, so I don't lose it! I found it surfing friends of friends, and clicked on it because they squeed about it.

It is two guys dancing contemporary style and although the title says "Best Friends" dance it reads more like the broken up end of a love affair.

It is just beautiful! Full of passion and sadness and just achingly, painfully beautiful. Couldn't embed it for some reason thusly we just have the link. Click if you want to be moved. Btw, they also had this vid up in the SYTYCD website at FOX but I couldn't make it play. Don't know if that's because I'm in the UK?

(Edited to update the link; previous vid not available now.)
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2010-07-31 09:13 pm

I iz back!!!

I iz back!!!


From Comic Con!!

In San Diego!!!

I ought to have a big rambling post detailing San Diego/Comic Con exploits (not that I had many!) but I have been asleep since I got back and really aren't in rambling mode yet. (Witness me wanting to write the word "amn't" just then. Not a word. Not at all. Actually, I take that back, I AM indeed rambling, but am making no sense whilst doing it.)

Soooooo....at a later date I will have details. For now....wheeeeeeee!!
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2010-05-02 12:14 pm

Drawing: Cupcakes Bookmark

A sort of follow up to my last post, which was the seahorse bookmark. I mentioned at the end of it that I was thinking of cupcakes, and lo, we have a cupcake book mark!
cupcakes bookmark

The same procedure was followed as for the seahorse. In fact, so much so, that I'm just going to practically copy paste that paragraph, lol:

The original drawing was scanned in to the pc, then printed out onto heavyweight paper, and laminated with 250micron matt laminate. Then, I hand cut the laminate around the image, and threaded some ribbon and beads through a punched hole at the top. Although, I may swap and change about the ribbons (I bought several colours in satin and gauze to experiment with). I have used two lengths of satin and one the gauze, here. EIther the combined weight is too thick, or the holes in these beads are smaller, because it took me ages to thread the beads onto the ribbon. The seahorse had two gauze and one satin and I'm sure it was easier!

Anyway, the result is a bookmark which is approx. 12 or 13 cms in length, the same sort of length as the seahorse.

Once again, I'm not sure the drawing comes across here terribly well (keep clicking through till you get to a slightly bigger version), as it was a quick photo. It's done with Faber Castell pencils, and I actually do like it in real life, lol! And, although, I'm not sure you get cupcakes piled on top if one another in reality, I just liked the idea of it!

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2010-04-20 02:07 pm

Drawing: Seahorse Bookmark

So, I have recently been doing some more drawing and a friend of mine said 'seahorses are popular', and thus I should draw one, lol! And so, as a bit of a challenge, I did. I then had the idea to try and make it into a bookmark type affair. This is the result.

The original drawing was scanned in to the pc, then printed out onto heavyweight paper, and laminated with 250micron matt laminate. Then, I hand cut the laminate around the image, and threaded some ribbon and beads through a punched hole at the top. The result is a bookmark which is approx. 12 or 13 cms in length. The laminate means you don't have to worry about getting sticky fingers on it (I read and eat chocolate at the same time, which can get sliiiiightly messy) as it's wipe-cleanable

I'm not sure the drawing comes across here terribly well (keep clicking through till you get to a slightly bigger version), but you can see the basic look of it, I think. It's done with Faber Castell pencils, and I *think* the actual drawing looks prettyish in real life.

I want to try making a couple of other designs, as well. At the moment, I'm thinking cupcakes, lol. And of course, now I'm hungry.

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2010-03-21 11:10 am

Yay! Castle! Fillion! Yay!


Nathan Fillion and Castle comes to the UK! April 7th! On Alibi! 9pm! *Does a little jig of happytiems*. It clashes with Supernatural which is a problem, and I'm actually *out* at 9pm, but I'll work it out, somehow.
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2010-03-09 05:00 am

Old fic: Farscape - Freefalling

I am continuing my irregular thing of transferring various fics of mine to my Lj. This was one posted to FarscapeFriday six years ago! I've left in the blurb I wrote back then, explaining how the fic came to be, as it was written for a specific challenge.

Title: Freefalling
Rating: NC-17 (not all of it is NC-17, though, just a segment of one section, sorry! Lol. The rest I'd say PG13)
Disclaimer: Always theirs, never mine.
Setting: Dipping into all four seasons of Farscape, and some time indeterminate. A touch AU here and there. Written before the PK Wars.
Summary: This is basically a John Crichton character study, from end to beginning.

Read on... )
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2010-02-09 05:25 am

(no subject)

Oh, and while I'm on the subject fo The Big Bang Theory, here is  Jim Parson's, aka Sheldon, being adorable and fantastic. I think I love him a little. It's a comedy music vid promoting giving to beat the c word.

So, so funny!

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2010-02-09 02:27 am

The Big Bang Theory, ficlet!

So, last night I was in that hazy 'not quite asleep' state and actually sniggered out loud at this. And then proceeded to write 400 words in my head to go with it. Big Bang Theory drabblex4. It just snuck up on me, and pounced.

There Iz No Cat )